We knew that october isn’t the most reliable time to climb the volcanoes in guatemala and so the weather forecast wasn´t very good. We waited for a day, when at least no rain was predicted.
At 2pm we started with our guide, and walked the narrow path which was covered with horse droppings towards the vulcano pacaya. The weather worsened, the wind revived to a storm, the fog began to drizzle. Almost at the summit we met a tourist with her guide on their way down and they reported that they heard the pacaya hiss but couldn’t see anything. We also wanted to see that anything, so we stomped in the loose lava rocks upwardly. At the edge of the crater we were almost blown away by the storm and ran for cover behind some rocks. And then, for almost 5 seconds, there was a gap in the clouds. Then it was gone again, the pacaya.

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