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antigua / 3

here some impressions from the former capital of guatemala.


We knew that october isn’t the most reliable time to climb the volcanoes in guatemala and so the weather forecast wasn´t very good. We waited for a day, when at least no rain was predicted.
At 2pm we started with our guide, and walked the narrow path which was covered with horse droppings towards the vulcano pacaya. The weather worsened, the wind revived to a storm, the fog began to drizzle. Almost at the summit we met a tourist with her guide on their way down and they reported that they heard the pacaya hiss but couldn’t see anything. We also wanted to see that anything, so we stomped in the loose lava rocks upwardly. At the edge of the crater we were almost blown away by the storm and ran for cover behind some rocks. And then, for almost 5 seconds, there was a gap in the clouds. Then it was gone again, the pacaya.

alvaro sanchez

Last year the guatemalan artist alvaro sanchez had visited the californian artist heather wilcoxon in her studio in sausalito. At that time she was working on our co_works project. That was what alvoro had told me when I met him in the capital of guatemala. I had the opportunity to visit and photograph him in his studio, and we also agreed on a joint co_works project. He will work with a picture that I had captured in chichicastenango. Let us be curious what the result will be.


Every wednesday and every saturday, they set up one of the largest markets in central america in the narrow streets of chichicastemango, and on the following day farmers and dealers come to offer their goods.

Here are some impressions from the city and the market.

sololá / guatemala

We entered Guatemala on my birthday. So this picturesque country was a kind of a birthday present. We spent 3 chilli days at the Lago Atitlán, happy that the rainy season seems to come to an end. I felt so laid-back that I forgot all the rules of safe travels when we went to the big market in Sololá on Friday. Prompt it happened: I had – stupid – a credit card with me and – more stupid – all notes clearly visible in the wallet. I had bought two big sacks to collect our dirt laundry, as soon as someone elegantly and imperceptibly stolen the purse from my locked pocket.

The story took a half-conciliatory end when a pupil who had found the wallet under a sales table with its contents – apart from the cash of course – contacted us by Facebook in the evening. The whole family came the next day to bring our belongings back. The credit card was, of course, already locked and worthless, but we got back our copied IDs, which already look pretty authentic.

Maybe I will be reminded in the future by every laundry to be mindful. So no socks will get lost any more – probably.

© bettina guthier

hazard light / “chicken-bus”

Driving with flashing warning lights has a high informative value here in central america. By the “chicken busses” it means: attention, I will stop right away or I had just stopped, attention, upcoming humbs or I have forgotten to turn it off, I still can take passengers or I am full (that´s here in guatemala inconceivable), maybe it means joy about the just passed exhaust emission test but it always means: caution, I´m completely regardless.

By the way: flashing left or right means: caution, one of my flashing lights is broken. And for those who hadn´t a proper hazard lights system, there is a monument in the graveyard of chichicastenango.


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