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transpandaneira / pantanal / brazil

to get into the pantanal north you have to cross over 100 bridges. some are the bridges of horror

costa rica / 1

monte verde monte verde monte verde monte verde kincachu / monte verde kincachu / monte verde pacific ocean

here some pictures i had captured in costa rica.

from san jose del pacifico to zipolite



solar systems

At an off-road fair, a new, flexible and lightweight solar system was offered as the non plus ultra. Simply glue on top of the roof and the energy problems are solved. Half a year later, under theMoroccan sun, bubbles formed under the surface and my problems began. It was still under warranty and I was told all the initial technical problems were solved, so we installed the second system. Great. But these panels sparked off under the weakCanadian sun. Due to a lack of time the third panels of another manufacturer were put on top of the faulty system, but this time with an air gap underneath. The Mexican sun also had a solution for this construction, the uv radiation made the plastic brittle and the energy output fell drastically. Wow, solar systems which do not tolerate the sun.

At the overlander oasis / Oaxaca I found great help. I mounted the fourth installation (in four years) on top of the roof, this time I used the solid design with glass, aluminum frame and more weight, which I actually didn´t want to have on the roof.

back in méxico

frankfurt airport

We started the next section of our trip from halifax to patagonia. The truck was stored méxico city, well protected under a roof, which was built especially after we left méxico. but unfortunately the cover was not translucent enough to load the batteries through the solar system. Shit happens. Mishaps are also part of such a journey …

“heavenly heckflosse” / gold medal

Today I got a great mail from gary anderson, the editor-in-chief of the mercedes-benz club of america. I was awarded a gold medal for the best photography in the american car magazines in 2016. I had photographed andrew atwood´s perfectly restored “heckflosse” for „the star“ magazine as a small thank you for his help and support searing for the failure in our truck software.

By the way: Last year I got gold medals as well. At that time for my contribution “the big trek” in “the star” magazine.

globetrotter meeting

It was nice, at the fifth globetrotter meeting at the unimog museum / gaggenau / germany. Even a unimog, which we had seen in alaska, was here. Making friends, having interesting conversations, cooking and eating together, that´s what makes such meetings special. In addition, several lectures (a small one held by myself), completed the program.