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rainbow arch / saudi arabia

rainbow arch

hegra / saudi arabia

dresscode for arabic women versus ... dresscode for nabatean men versus ... ... tourists unfinished tomb for king mahain saleh facial reconstrution of a nabatean wowan found in a tomb at hegra

hegra – the rock tombs of the nabataeans near the city of alula

desert X / alula / saudi arabia

mounira al qadiri faisal samra kader attia kimsooja aseel alyaqoub filwa nazer rana haddad ] pascal hachem

If you want to get more information about exhibition and the artists, please go to www.desertx.org

maraya / saudi arabia

the maraya concert hall was designed by a team of italian and german architects and is, unsurprisingly, the largest fully mirrored building in the world.

mahajah arch / saudi arabia

camel training / saudi arabia

The camel race near the town of hail did not take place this weekend, but we were able to watch the animals being trained. And then we were invited to stay with a family who own some of the animals. Even if communication often only works via electronic translator, the hospitality of the saudis is legendary.

petroglyphes / saudi arabia

In the “umm sinman mountains”, as in many places in the northwest of saudi arabia, there are rock carvings, some of which are up to 8000 years old. Some of the engravings are inscribed with writings that are also around 1000 years old and then there are “immortalizations” from more recent times. That’s why this world heritage site is now surrounded by a large fence.