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isla corota

The forests in the Colombian Cordilleras are frighteningly cut down, everywhere bare slopes, everywhere erosion. All the more enjoyable, if you can visit small paradises. The mini island “isla corota” is such a pearl that lies in the laguna de la cocha. A natural paradise and protected as a national park. But why in the devil’s name they had build a large church on this place? Were nature conservation funds to obstruct?


thunderstrom at nighttime thunderstorm at 4 am

The tatacoa desert is one of the driest and hottest countrysides in colombia. But we hadn´t expected this:

san vicente

the san vicente hotsprings in an elevation of 8000 ft (columbia)

vulcano “totumo” / colombia

Oh, it would have been a pleasure to directed some those photos, but my spanish skills are far from being understandable. But, if 10 girls are sitting and giggeling in a mud hole, it´s impossible to direct them. No matter in which language you are talking!

costa rica / 2

some more pictures from costa rica.

monte verde / costa rica

howler monkeys outside monte verde reserve everything is chopped down

some impressions from the monte verde conservation area.

popoyo / nicaragua

just a few pictures from popoyo beach / nicaragua