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co_works exhibition / los angeles

emilio martinez julian leBallister from left to right: norbert, bettina, juian, samantha, parker julian leBallister bert esenherz bert esenherz, emilio martinez (in the background) gayle + michael roque collins from left to right: norbert guthier, michael roque collins, emilio martinez, boris ciudad real, bert esenherz artworks: boris ciudad real / left; christian maria knecht / right artworks: fred tieken (left) barbara fisher (middle) alvaro sanchez (right) artworks: martinez parente (left) emilio martinez (middle), boris ciudad real (right) artworks: alcis szabo-reiss (left) bert esenherz (right) artworks: michael roque collins (left) alcis szaba-reiss (right)

many thanks to my co_worker, without their contributional work this exhibition wouldn´t had happen:

alcis zabo-reiss, alvaro sanchez, barbara fischer, bert esenherz, boris ciudad real, christ maria servant, emilio martinez, fred tieken, juan martinez parente, michael roque collins.

i was happy to welcome bert, boris, emilio and michael during the opening reception.

special thanks to a julian leBallister for all his perfect work in producing the pictures and last but not least to fred tieken for his invitation to present the co_works project in his gallery in los angeles.

isla corota

The forests in the Colombian Cordilleras are frighteningly cut down, everywhere bare slopes, everywhere erosion. All the more enjoyable, if you can visit small paradises. The mini island “isla corota” is such a pearl that lies in the laguna de la cocha. A natural paradise and protected as a national park. But why in the devil’s name they had build a large church on this place? Were nature conservation funds to obstruct?

juan manuel

We overtook Juan Manuel after we had driven uphill for quite some time. And since we wanted to take a break anyway, I waved him to our place and we offered hin coffee and chocolate.

He is a venazuelan guy, left his country some time ago and lives by juggling, clowning and unicycling. He has welded his bike by himself using a lot of iron. His bike weights about 130 kg together with der rider, but he brings hardly anything on the scales. Downhill it is getting fast, sometimes too fast, as his missing incisors prove. Juan Manuel is a happy guy, he always was laughing when he told his stories, then he got on his bike again and kept pedaling uphill.