Monthly Archives: December 2015

co_works: emilio martinez

Soon we fly back to phoenix and I have to prepare the first co_works exhibition in america. Today emilio martinez sent his contribution via mail which digitally conbined it with my photo. Exciting. Soon, the original artwork will be shown at the Tieken Gallery in phoenix, arizona. I can´t wait and keep you posted.

co_works: fred tieken

The youthful fred tienken is just 80 years and he is the youngest access to my co_workers. He paints since a few years and already had many major solo exhibitions. his modern mansion in phoenix recently got an upgrade and now there is a great gallery also. I have the great pleasure to present my first german-american co_works exhibition at the Tieken Gallery in the beginning of february 2016. attached you can see “our” co_work and here you can watch fred´s video, which i had taken ealier this year.

calendar 1986

Yesterday we had a visit by enthusiastic sahara explorers and so my car calendar from 1986 came in my mind. And I got the idea to post these shots which were caputerd before the photoshop area. At that time we traveled with 3 vehicles into the algerian sahara to realize these photos over there.

30 years ago!! How the time flies…