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We reached ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, 7 ½ years after our start in halifax (canada) and 102,000 kilometers driven. The city welcomed us with bright sunshine and no wind, but then soon showed that things can be different. At night, the temperature dropped to 3 degrees and it snowed in the surrounding mountains. High summer in ushuaia.

perito moreno glacier / argentina

This glacier is one of the tourist highlights of argentina and is one of the world natural heritage sites managed by unesco. The glacier originates in the andes at an altitude of almost 3000 meters and extends to lake argenino, which is only 185 meters above sea level. What is amazing to me is that the glacier lies in the same geographical latitude as frankfurt, namely at 50 degrees south.

perito moreno glacier / argentina



fitz roy / argentina

Here are some impressions from the fitz roy area / el chaltén

flat tire / argentina

We just lefthe desert with a lot of stormy winds, dust and bad tracks. We reached the tarmac road towards esquel when I missed a thick nail, which was then catapulted into the rear tire. Before the tire had lost all air I was warned by a passing car. The side wind was so rough that I hadn’t even noticed the change in driving behavior.
A police patrol promised to send a tire repair service, sergio rushed to help and we loaded the defective wheel onto his pickup truck. A truck tire repair shop in esquel, 15 kilometers away, patched the defective tire and after three hours we were back on the road…
… and a few days later, again after a bad runway, the end of the tire’s life had come.