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What an awesome idea! A robot who hitchhikes through canada, by itself. 6125 km from halifax to victoria. An art project which will show if robots can trust humans and by the way: for humans it´s forbitten to hitchhike in canada! The idea was born by frauke zeller und david harris smith, they are the „parents“ of hitchBOT. It sits beside the road and wafes his swim-noodle-arms, the swim noodle legs stick in rubber boots, the head is a cheese dome with winking digital eyes. From time to time it talks, takes automatically pictures of its journey, is connected with faebook and twitter and sends its gps position. Its parents look forward to many adventures und that it will be charged regularily on cigarette lighters or it´s allowed to stay overnight with its host family if the weather gets too nasty to hitch.

I had heared about this project weeks ago in germany but the probability to meet this guy wasn´t very big. A girl friend of mine sent us a message to halifax that hichBot will be launched on the 27.th of july, the same day and the same place where we started our trip. David quickly replied my mail and so hitchBOT got a special ride in our truck. During load and unload it at the pier of halifax crowds of people gathered together and everbody had heard about hitchBOT in the press and they all were very excited. Great, this project was present wordwide in the media even before it was on it´s way.

We wish hitchBot a save hike and we will report its adventures. © n.g.

norman veinott

If you come by chance to pleasantwille close to lunenburg / nova scotia than you should visit norman and decide it it´s art or if it´s to put away (that´s a german phrase). Since 30 years norman melts old and used parts from cars to create his objects. This was the only information with wich reticent norman provides me. Do you want to have morman´s mail address? Nil report, norman hasn´t such things. Send a message to me and i will send his phone number. And norman is – according to his business card – in duty for 25 hours a day. © n.g.


we overtook our truck somewhere over the atlantic which was on it´s way to halifax by boat. there we had to wait because the ferry had a delay for about 3 days. halifax has about 290.000 inhabitants and it seems the city is on a break-up because just everywhere you can see building cranes. for sure it does´t depend on the explosion of 1917 when a ship with 2oo tons of tnt and 2300 tons of  explosive pikrin acid caught fire after a rather harmless damage with an other cargo ship. 1946 humans died in this strongest manmade explosion in the pre atomic age. ©n.g.


many, many thanks to maria-anna and paul / alp galleries who had arranged for us this evening. it was great and emotional that so many friends had come to say farewell to us. to everybody: many thanks and let´s keep in touch.  ©n.g.


the first step of our trip to patagonia was frankfurt -> hamburg. our truck starts its see passage to halifax in that harbor, we will follow with a plane. © n.g.

nuno evaristo / video

here you find a video about my new co_worker nuno evaristo. i had visited him some months ago and now i have finished a video about his work. © n.g.