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For 20 million american turkeys thanksgiving meant the sudden end, for the americans , however, it means a happy families come together in order to eat them up .

With Emilio Martinez I had exchanged a few e-mails ( stay tuned for his art !!! upcoming on this blog) and as soon as we met him, we were invited to celebrate thanksgivingwith his family. What a great experience to be welcomed as foreigners, to bash with the family and to leave the house as friends. Thank you Walter for the delicious buffet and thanks to the whole family for your generous hospitality .This evening with you was very special for us! © n.g.


miami gets prepared …

Miami getting ready for the show!

On December 04th, the Art Basel Miami Beach opens and as early as the Dec. 02nd, there are countless smaller Miami Art Fairs throughout Miami and Miami Beach. Today we could see that -despite thanksgiving- many artists were still painting on the facades in the Wynwood art district. Miami in the Art-Rush. © B.G.

sabrina & randy

We had distributed all of our “botanical ark books” (see also my blog contributing: suzi & alan) as presents and needed replenishment. Suzi & Alan promised remedy, organized to send a big package with books to alans brother randy in florida.

Sabrina and Randy, you have welcomed us as friends, even though we did not even know each other. Thank you for your great hospitality and that you showed us some of your favorite places. We enjoyed the two days very much. © n.g.


kennedy space center

The best place to investigate the rumors if the americans had been to the moon or not is of course the space center.

In cape canaveral the kennedy space center is very impressively and absolutely worth a visit. Here you see an original saturn 5 rocket together with a used and burned return capsule, the only item which returned to earth. The event to access the exhibition hall of  the original atlantis shuttle is stunning and ends with a “wow” effect. With simulators you can try to control the moon landing ferry  or you can land the shuttle on a tarmac runway.

The development of space-suits can be seen up to Alan Shepards used work-clothing with real dust from the moon. You can explore huge walk-in models for example the international space station and some spaceships, the hubble telescope, lots of original rockets and there are also great 3d movies  on display from the iss (international space station) and from the universe. And even there is the opportunity to touch an original tiny moon rock. Does it need further proofs? Here is the ultimate one: inside the adjacent restroom everything worked! (see also blog-contributory: https://blog.guthier.com/?p=947)

Wow. The americans had been really on the moon. :-)  © n.g.

blue spring

There are headwater streamsin florida which simply gush from the ground. One of them is the “blue spring” which swells about 400 million liters a day (104 million gallons | day) and because the temperature even in wintertimes stays constantly at 21 degrees celcius celsius (70 degrees fahrenheit), many manatees come to this source from november on to avoid the cold water in the rivers. These critters are actually related to the elephants, bob up and down on the water, puffing and are absolutely peaceful. Unfortunately -and equally comprehensible- you are not allowed to swim with the manatees because they are under strong protection.

The vegetation along the river source is overwhelmingly beautiful and this has spread out also to the tourists. Accordingly, the park is often crowded. But during our visit in november we were almost alone. An absolute highlight. © n.g.

3 d pictures / read instructions!

Everybody who has two healthy eyes sees stereo, so this is nothing unusual. on our computersceens we see images in two dimensions – this is normal too. Now here is a possibility to see a three-dimensional image without tools. the stereo image consists of two almost identical individual images which were slightly offset -mostly taken with the natural distance of the eyes. at the present stereo pictures the image for the right eye is arranged on the left side and the picture for the left eye is positioned at the right side. and now you have to squint!

How it goes: Open the stereo image. The size should not exceed 16 cm (6,5 inch)  (for both images together). the monitor should display a black background as much as possible (pull the site over the scene), the viewing distance is about 25-40cm (10 to 15 inch) (tip of the nose to the screen). Now look with the right eye to the left picture and with the left eye to the right image. then something strange happens: you see three pictures! the left and the right image are mono, the virtual three-dimensional one is in the center. Caution: do not try too long, it needs some workout but please do not overdo it! for „still standing” eyes and headache no liability. : -)

otherwise a lot of fun and give me a feedback if it works or not. so please post a comment. Thank´s.

kingsley plantation

I had written in my blog contribution about the  drayton plantation in charlston (see: https://blog.guthier.com/?p=1051) that only little information was given about  the the slavery. This information I got today in a very impressive  way. Many display boards reported and showed this outrage at that time and an audio guide gave additional background information. An absolute must, and highlight, if you visit this corner of the world.

Even the driveway through the marshes of north-florida is an experience and also there is no entrancefee. ©n.g.

And here comes the moving story of the kingsley family: Zephaniah kingsley relocated to spanish florida in 1803 and became a successful merchant and planter. His african wife, anna madgigine jai, was from senegal. Kingsley purchased her as a slave in havanna, cuba in 1806. He freed anna and their children in 1811. In 1814 he moved his family to fort george island. Anna took advantage of spanish views on race and society, which enabled her to own her own plantation and sclaves. She also was her husband´s business parnter.

When spain lost control of florida in 1821 legislators in the new united states territory quickly enacted laws that greatly reduced the civil liberties of free blacks, such as kingsle`s family members. His campain to keep a system of sociesty where people were judged by class, and not by color, was largely ignored. By 1832 the harsch lays restricting he rights of all „persons of color“ became intolerable. Faced with the reality of his family losing theri freedom upon his death, he began looking for a country where they could live without restirctions ….

© from the info center brochuredevine  Learn more at http://www.nps.gov/timu