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simón vega

Simón lives in a small community near the beach, 15 km. from the town of La Libertad in El Salvador and very close to all the surfing spots in the area. In his studio he does research, drawings and design for the large scale sculptures he builds, which are based on historical spacecrafts and capsules from the Cold War, but built using materials and methods of construction inspired in the informal architecture of the poor homes and constructions found in his native country. The sculptures themselves, because of their size, are usually built on site at the galleries that represent him in Vienna, Medellín and Guatemala and museums around the world, therefore his studio is mainly a research, laboratory and testing site. He showed us some of his past and upcoming projects, such as a huge space station based on the Soviet MIR, which will be built next April at a secret undisclosed site.


Simón Vega creates drawings, sculptural installations and happenings inspired in local markets, self-made-architecture and vendor carts found in Central America. These works parody Cold War space capsules, Mayan pyramids, Modernism’s iconic buildings and contemporary surveillance systems, creating a humorous fusion between first and third worlds. He has exhibited his work extensively in Europe, the United States, Central and South America. He has algo been a teacher for over ten years at three local universities, done numerous workshops, organized and curated exhibitions, co-edited the book Y.ES Collecting Contemporary El Salvador and is a member of the board at Y.ES Contemporary. He is founder and co-director of Estación Arte y Surf residency and cultural program. He lives in La Libertad, El Salvador.

www.simon-vega.blogspot.com and www.ciudades-perdidas.blogspot.com


termales de alicante

The warnings about el salvador were varsatile. Super dangerous, criminal gangs etc and our central american guide had the title: don’t go there, it’s dangerous, you will die “. But everyone in the neighboring country, the neighboring city, the neighboring district and all those who claim this have never been there before. Our first destination in el salvador was the hotsprings “termales de alicante”, a hot water paradise consisting of 15 swimming pools with different temperatures. After our round trip through el salvador – which we survived unscathed – we stopped here a second time and enjoyed the plant mostly for ourselves. Almost – because at night 3 heavily armed guards were on duty. But that’s common here, even for any better fries hut.

boris ciudad real / el salvador

We discovered his work in a great, guatemalan gallery for contemporary art and I asked him for a studio visit. He lives and works in el salvador, a country tortured by gang crime in central america. I squeeze our truck backwards into the dead end street where he lives, and his entire family welcomed us warmly. Boris presented his latest work and is pleased to be involved in my co_works project. Great. You can look forward to seeing what will be shown at the upcoming co_works exhibition in los angeles (april 2018).