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parque national iberá / argentina

A 13,000 sqkm marshland in argentina, bordering paraguy and brazil. Until the beginning of 2020 there had been so little rain that the water level was unusually low.

gauchito gil / argentina

You can often see memorials at the roadsides for “gauchito gil”, the argentinean variant of robin hood,. The vatican refuses to declare the gauchito as a saint, but this does not prevent the local followers to consider it as one. Also nobody here is surprised about the miraculous increase of the miracle anecdotes. You should honk as you drive by to greet him, he is also the patron saint of car, bus and truck drivers.


carolina himmel / buenos aires / argentina

bettina and carolina carolina himmel parilla with carolina and rodrigo co_work: carolina himmmel / norbert guthier

i got to know carolina himmel via the internet and i really appreciate her work – which apparently is mutual, because when carolina heard about my co_works project, she was immediately on fire. while i usually develop a photographic concept for a co_worker, carolina went a different way: she had discovered a nude photograph on my website, to which she wanted to react painterly. even before we met for the first time in february 2020 in her house north of buenos aires, we already had our first collaboration together just in time for my exhibition in december 2019 in the rosengarten congress center / mannheim. thank you carolina, for your spontaneity, your energy and your speed. and thanks also to rodrigo for a wonderful parilla on a sunday evening in benavidez. bettina and i felt very comfortable with you. you are wonderfully relaxed hosts.


centro cultural recoleta / buenos aires

worth a visit !!

buenos aires _1 / argentina

public book store teatro colon cementario recoleta cementario recoleta / tomb of evita peron

Some impressions from buenos aires

teatro colón / buenos aires / argentina

today’s teatro colón, located between plaza lavalle and avenida 9 de julio, was built between 1889 and 1908 by the architects francesco tamburini, angelo ferrari, victor meano and julio dormal. It was opened on 25 May 1908 with the opera aida by giuseppe verdi. The theatre has 2500 seats and 1000 standing places.

As far as you know from wikipedia. Famous for its good acoustics, the building is one thing above all: monstrous and pompous.

carnival in gualegauaychú / argentina

Carnival is in your blood, – or maybe not. Our blood is not contaminated but we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to experience a South American carnival. So we bought, for local conditions, expensive grandstand seats to get access to the 1 km long parade area.

The show did not start until 10 pm and the noise from the speakers was unbearable. The carnival songs performed live by the groups always sounded the same to our tortured ears and I became convinced that only a chemically manipulated brain could bear all this, even consider it good. Only the half naked dancing girls were nice to look at but I would have preferred to see the other half as well.

Already at midnight we started our way home, because the motive cars were pulled so slowly through the arena that we get bored.