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la paz & el alto / bolivia

Here some impressions from „la paz“ and the adjacent city “el alto”, which lies above the rugged valley basin of la paz at over 13200 feet.

thor heyerdahl / bolivia

Who else of you knows thor heyerdahl? The norwegian scientist established experimental archaeology and has become known through numerous voyages with ship replicas. The ra 2 was built here at the lake titicaca by the father of today’s museum operator.

artemio coanqui / perú

In cusco we visited the peruvian artist artemio coanqui in his studio just outside the city. While he loves to paint abstract pictures, only religious motifs sell. Will there be a co_work with him? Anyone who wants to know should write to me…

cusco _2 / perú

The local markets inspire us again and again in their originality, their colourfulness in their unbridled chaos. While the mercado san pedro in cusco was quite organized and structured, real life was raging on the adjacent improvised market area.

cusco / perú

Here are some impressions from the former inka capital.


machu picchu / perú

Your can visit this great inka site either by feet or by train and it is the main attraction of perú. So many tourists were here and bettina said: “you never walk alone”. How true!

A little over a hundred years ago this city was rediscovered for the western world and because the spanish conquerors had never found it, it is accordingly well preserved. Otherwise there would be a church on the ruins of the temple.

manú national park / perú

tapir in a clay lick night sky at the matsiguenka lodge giant otter in the cocha salvador giant otter in the cocha salvador giant otter in the cocha salvador we experienced some cold weather ! early morning on the manù river

This park is one of the oldest in perú and covers an area of almost 19.000 km². It´s located in the east of cusco and it stretches along the slopes of the andes and reaches into the amazon lowlands. Some uncontacted indian tribes live here and a large part of the reserve is off limits, even to scientists. We spent almost a week on the madre de dios and on the manu river with the organisation wildlife perú. Thanks to “mister eagle eye” our guide alexandro, who did a great job.