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We met John in Apalachicola. With his 50 year old “Beluga” he ancored at the quay of the small town and we had chosen the harbor as a good place to stay as well. John invited us spontaneously to come on board and on this evening he told us many things about his life. He lives on his boat since 31 years and is travelling in southern america and in the bahamas.

The next morning we invited him for breakfast and he returned the favor and sharpened our kitchen knives – a business he had learned from his father. It was an interesting encounter, one of those which makes our travel special …….. © ng

manatee spring

The manatees love it warm and so they come to spaces where they can warm up when the weather and thus the water gets colder. Although they look so chubby, they can not survive in cold water and therefor they seek the warm outspils of power plants or the springs.  at manatee springs about 100 million gallons of water swells up each day and the water is constantly 68 fahrenheit, even in winter. An awesome boardwalk follows the mangroves to the nearby river suwannee, but the manatees stayed in the midle of  the creek and therefore i couldn´t take pictures. But you can watch manatees here.

new orleans / 1

just a few street impression from new orleans.



In this “zoo” mainly animals are housed, which can not be reintroduced to nature. A bit sad but here some pictures. ©n.g.


treasure hunters

On many beaches i had noticed them but here on coquina beach there were quiet some: Treasure hunters. With professional metal decectors they comb the beaches for lost treasures. I asked one of them if he had already found something today: „A penny!” I asked another woman if she already had found something today and she answered “nothing yet”. I told her about the penny which was found by her competitor and she promptly replied  “Oh, so he’s ahead of me”. © n.g. © n.g. 

dali museum

The work of Salvatore Dali consists not only of the melting clocks, this you can find out in the excellent Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. And also that this eccentric man had not  a straightforwardly childhood: his older brother Salvatore No.1 died before completing his second year and nine months before Dali’s birth. So he became a kind of representative for his identically named brother in the family history. At the age of 17, he also lost his mother

He was very fond of her and she had tryied to balancing the severity of his father.

After Dali controlled the the old masters painting style, he allowed himself new ways of painting, which made him finally become the leading representative of surrealism. A lack of self-consciousness has not bothered him: at age of 22 he had to leave the Academia San Fernando in Madrid. Dali had refused to participate in the exam because he was convinced that his teachers were unable to judge him. © B.G.


big cypress national park

the smallest postoffice in the world

We drove the tamiami trails through the big cyprus national park. This sounds very idylic but the tarmac road goes straight through the park without any curves. Because to heap up the road a drench was build besides the street which had filled itself not only with water but nowadays with alligators and water birds as well. Indeed, many boardwalks and sideways makes the park very idylic. © n.g.