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san clemente del tuyú / argentina

san clemente del toyá

A small town the atlantic ozean, which every year remains in an almost 10-month twilight sleep, until the hoards of tourists invade again. However, many businesses do not seem to wake up after the corona crisis, even in front of many properties is are signs the front yard “vende”, for sale.

The surrounding area has a lot to offer besides the almost endless beaches, for example the small, almost abandoned campsite tapera de lopez, once a fishing site, which is now rather used by small, modest sailboats. A variety of birds can be seen here, such as flamingos, hummingbirds, raptors, herons, owls. Not far from here there is a hot spa “marinas park” for bathers with a healthy immune system, because many swallows use the poles of the pool roof as a safe nesting place and the pool as a water closet.

monumento a las víctimas del terrorismo / argentina

During the Argentine military dictatorship (1976-1983), students, left-wing activists and artists disappeared. They were tortured, killed or dropped half-dead from planes over the river. In their memory there are inscription plaques with the names of the victims.

9000 of the probably 30,000 victims are already named on the stone walls and if information about further victims becomes known, their names will be added to the stone tablets.

We visited the site together with our friend damián, whom we knew from our last visit to buenos aires. Thank you damián for your explanations.

maintanance / argentina

after 7 years on the road and 18 months of downtime due to corona, it was time to thoroughly maintain the car again. Marcos had given us at the last visit a list of parts that were now installed by him. thank you marcos for your help, now it runs like greased again.

uruguay 2021

When we left Uruguay in March 2020, we had no idea that it would take almost 20 months to get back. Corona, what else.Our car had survived the break rather well and our next destination was auenos Aires. The ferry only transports vehicles up to 3.10m high, the next border crossing in fray bentos is about 200 km upriver, but this is still closed to tourists in the direction of argentina, so we had to drive another 250km upriver to salto for the border crossing and the whole distance on the argentine side back again.

susannah martin / usa – germany

susannah martin © susannah martin © susannah martin © susannah martin © susannah martin susannah martin

Susannah was born into a new york artistic family and studied in this metropolis before coming to frankfurt. Here she developed a very own but still classical style of painting and celebrates great success in numerous exhibitions. The context of man and nature is reinterpreted and here is her statement on the approach:

“While working on my first pictures of nude figures in the landscape, I very quickly realised how strange the present man seems outdoors in the nature. He just didn’t seem to fit in anymore, and so this aspect slowly became my theme: Nature as theun-home (anti-home) of man. Then came the day when I incorporated the first plastic toy into a painting. Suddenly, I felt, man no longer seemed alienated. And it wasn’t just me, viewers also felt a stronger connection with the images.” Man’s relationship with nature is not yet completely lost; brightly coloured balloons, plastic guns and sticky-sweet candy snakes can still save it.