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juan manuel

We overtook Juan Manuel after we had driven uphill for quite some time. And since we wanted to take a break anyway, I waved him to our place and we offered hin coffee and chocolate.

He is a venazuelan guy, left his country some time ago and lives by juggling, clowning and unicycling. He has welded his bike by himself using a lot of iron. His bike weights about 130 kg together with der rider, but he brings hardly anything on the scales. Downhill it is getting fast, sometimes too fast, as his missing incisors prove. Juan Manuel is a happy guy, he always was laughing when he told his stories, then he got on his bike again and kept pedaling uphill.

marc bergeron / 2

vulcano masaya france bellehumeur, marc bergeron, bettina guthier

We met our canadian friends marc begeron and france bellehumeur in jaco (costa rica) again. I feel very honored to get such a comment about my picture „vulcano masaya“ from such a great colleague. Thanks marc!!

A powerfull image {vulcano masaya} from my friend photographer Norbert Guthier, you can follow him on his long journey on his blog : https://blog.guthier.com/ or on his Facebook page : norbert guthier photography, wonderfull images ! Norbert and his partner Bettina started there trip from Halifax 2014. We met them while they were in Québec city in august 2014 (see Norbert’s blog : https://blog.guthier.com/?m=201408 since then we are keeping contact and we develloped a true friendship ! Thank you to photographer Mr. Frank Lothar Lange (Frank Onedayonephoto) that allowed this frienship to happened.

costa rica / 1

monte verde monte verde monte verde monte verde kincachu / monte verde kincachu / monte verde pacific ocean

here some pictures i had captured in costa rica.

overlander oasis / oaxaca (2)

Here you will get helped! All travelers with complex problems on their vehicles. Actually, it is not a workshop, but a campspot for overlanders run by a very hospitable Canadian couple. Calvin has the knowledge, the experience paired with an invention fantasy and the right tools to solve many of your problems.

And if your problems can´t be solved right away, perhaps you will experience the enjoyment of Leanne’s cakes.

“heavenly heckflosse” / gold medal

Today I got a great mail from gary anderson, the editor-in-chief of the mercedes-benz club of america. I was awarded a gold medal for the best photography in the american car magazines in 2016. I had photographed andrew atwood´s perfectly restored “heckflosse” for „the star“ magazine as a small thank you for his help and support searing for the failure in our truck software.

By the way: Last year I got gold medals as well. At that time for my contribution “the big trek” in “the star” magazine.

globetrotter meeting

It was nice, at the fifth globetrotter meeting at the unimog museum / gaggenau / germany. Even a unimog, which we had seen in alaska, was here. Making friends, having interesting conversations, cooking and eating together, that´s what makes such meetings special. In addition, several lectures (a small one held by myself), completed the program.

atlas 4×4

you want to show your unimog the world and still need a living booth or special equipment? ask atlas 4×4 for help.