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teatro juarez / guanajuato

ok, ok, to talk about punctuality as a german, it can quickly become embarrassing. But when the lunch break already goes until 5pm, then they might not let wait the 50 people who want to have look inside for 30 minutes. For taking photographs you have to pay extra, also ok, but please don´t fence off all places from which you might get good perspectives.

This theater was built from1873 till1903 and the former dictator porfirio diaz was responsible for the flashy interior decoration

parade in yerbabuena

During the four days we had been to gunajuato, we witnessed four of those parades. Here –in advance- a short parade in the small village inyerbabuena close to guanajuato’s. the religiosity seems to be deeply rooted in the society, – anyhow with quite a lot joie de vivre.

museo de las momias / guanajuato

On one of the municipal cemeteries they had opened tombs in order to create space for new dead bodies and they discovered grotesque mummified bodies, even they were just a few decades old. A rumor says that the poeple from guanajauto have a hang to macabre and morbid things, well, i guess there could be a cohesion.

In this museum they display shelves of the graves as well with inscriptions such as names, death year and usually r.i.p. (rest in peace). but now the mummies are -with the pants down- on display in the museum and be admired by hordes of school children. up to a size of 4 feet they are allowed the enter the museum for free and adults over 60 get ghoulishly a discount.


Traveler, if you come to guanajuato, stay here: 21.00’52 “N – 101.15’25.8W (near the” Monumento a El Pipila “And if you come with big rig (high), then please take care and don´t get stuck in one of the numerous tunnels.

The old silver town is wedged between mountains, has many splendid buildings and even more churches and no place for a large central park. But there are plenty of cozy and nice places with lage trees, countless pubs and even more souvenir shops. They love to party, rather often and very importand: it has to be loud.


some impressions from méxico’s second largest city.


If you don´t want to attract attention here, you should do everything with a surfboard under your arm, even going shopping. Long before sunset, the waiter picked up the chairs and the sun umbrellas and told us, we were welcome to sit a bit longer and if we want to have some cold dinks he recommended the neighboring oxxo (a small supermarket chain). Beach vendors offer everything from suggar candies to cigars, from hammocks to sun umbrellas. Those guys are not necessarily on the bright side.


… some more impressions from the market hall in mazatlán.