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co_works exhibition / los angeles

emilio martinez julian leBallister from left to right: norbert, bettina, juian, samantha, parker julian leBallister bert esenherz bert esenherz, emilio martinez (in the background) gayle + michael roque collins from left to right: norbert guthier, michael roque collins, emilio martinez, boris ciudad real, bert esenherz artworks: boris ciudad real / left; christian maria knecht / right artworks: fred tieken (left) barbara fisher (middle) alvaro sanchez (right) artworks: martinez parente (left) emilio martinez (middle), boris ciudad real (right) artworks: alcis szabo-reiss (left) bert esenherz (right) artworks: michael roque collins (left) alcis szaba-reiss (right)

many thanks to my co_worker, without their contributional work this exhibition wouldn´t had happen:

alcis zabo-reiss, alvaro sanchez, barbara fischer, bert esenherz, boris ciudad real, christ maria servant, emilio martinez, fred tieken, juan martinez parente, michael roque collins.

i was happy to welcome bert, boris, emilio and michael during the opening reception.

special thanks to a julian leBallister for all his perfect work in producing the pictures and last but not least to fred tieken for his invitation to present the co_works project in his gallery in los angeles.

“heavenly heckflosse” / gold medal

Today I got a great mail from gary anderson, the editor-in-chief of the mercedes-benz club of america. I was awarded a gold medal for the best photography in the american car magazines in 2016. I had photographed andrew atwood´s perfectly restored “heckflosse” for „the star“ magazine as a small thank you for his help and support searing for the failure in our truck software.

By the way: Last year I got gold medals as well. At that time for my contribution “the big trek” in “the star” magazine.

michael hafftka / video

watch michael hafftka painting “welcome”

new york city / 2017

Here just a few pictures from new york city

michael hafftka

Some pistures from our visit to the artist michael hafftka / new york. A video about his work will follow soon …

co_works exhibition in miami

Some pictures of the installation and the opening of the co_works exhibition in miami. Many thanks to my co_workers: fred tieken, emilio martinez, barbara fischer, heather wilcoxon, bert esenherz, matthias bolz, matt sesow, bradford moody & in memoriam guy levesque.

Many thanks also to emilio martinez and edouard duval carrié, who have made the exhibition in miami come true.

co_works exhibition houston