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Hacienda Guayabal

Felipe  gave us a great guided tour through the grounds and the workflow of the Hacienda Guayabal. We learned a lot how to grow and and how to brew coffee and how much work is necessary to get an aromatic premium colombian arabica. We highly recommend this place to do a coffee tour. © b.g


That’s how it was in analogue times …

From his grandfather, the colombian photographer has inherited this camera and he still makes instant pictures with it. Many thanks to the two models paula henao and miguel caicedo.

  1. Equip the camera with a photo paper and focus.
  2. Lens cover off, expose, lens cover back on. (there is no need for a shutter)
  3. Develop and fix the paper image in the camera.
  4. Place the negative paper image in front of the camera.
  5. Focus, lens cap off, expose, lens cap on.
  6. Develop and fix the photopaper in the camera
  7. Water it in the bucket. Finished!!
  8. Share the photo with your friends wordwide.


marc bergeron / 2

vulcano masaya france bellehumeur, marc bergeron, bettina guthier

We met our canadian friends marc begeron and france bellehumeur in jaco (costa rica) again. I feel very honored to get such a comment about my picture „vulcano masaya“ from such a great colleague. Thanks marc!!

A powerfull image {vulcano masaya} from my friend photographer Norbert Guthier, you can follow him on his long journey on his blog : https://blog.guthier.com/ or on his Facebook page : norbert guthier photography, wonderfull images ! Norbert and his partner Bettina started there trip from Halifax 2014. We met them while they were in Québec city in august 2014 (see Norbert’s blog : https://blog.guthier.com/?m=201408 since then we are keeping contact and we develloped a true friendship ! Thank you to photographer Mr. Frank Lothar Lange (Frank Onedayonephoto) that allowed this frienship to happened.

virgen de guadalupe / san cristobal de las casas

you will get information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Lady_of_Guadalupe


Tula was the capital of the toltecs and as teotihuacán (see blog contribution: https://blog.guthier.com/?p=2512&lang=en ) it was also probably destroyed by its builders. By the way, the presentation of the columns on the restored tlahuizcalpantecuhtli pyramid has been done by the archaeologist and does not correspond to the historical circumstances. 

You will get more information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tula_(Mesoamerican_site)

méxico city / 1

here some impressions from this huge city. more posts will follow.

la paz -> mazatlán

Here’s some tips for mexico travelers:

The ferry connection “TMC” from la paz to the mainland mexico (mazatlán) is cheaper than the baja ferry and has an open upper deck. Should your vehicle be longer than 6m, it is automatically classified in the motorhome class of 11m. Ask for a price in the exact length of your vehicle, we had thereby saved 40%. The advantage of the open upper deck is also that you are allowed to sleep in the vehicle during the 16-hour, nightly crossing. Tip: Do not park close to the ventilation shafts of the ship, it´s very noisy there and don´t look too much forward to the included dinner.