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hitchBOT vandalized

it is very sad to report the end of hitchBOT´s journey across the United States. In Philadelphia vandals put it an end ☹ and we had hoped so much to take hitchBOT on board again. Here is the report on hitchBOT’s start crossing Canada.


GuBo is the name of a collaborative work between the german painter matthias bolz and me. This artwork has the size of 240x80x4 cm (BxHxT) which is 94,5×31,3×1,6inch (WxHxD) and it´s looking for a new home


michael with family cyclists from ontario firefightes in cranbrook

here again some pictures of people who make our travel so special. Thanks for the nice talks and special thanks to Michael, who even helps to promote our blog. Great.

happy canada day

July 1st is the canadian national holiday and commemorates the formation of canada (as a state of the british commonwealth) by the british north america act on July 1st, 1867

We use this blog post to to say goodbye to canada, we drive further south and thus returning to the USA. We had a great time in this country, gorgeous wild areas, magnificent national parks and in particular: thanks to all canadian acquaintances and friends, we will miss you!

maligne canyon

jasper & banff national park / canada

miette hot springs spirit island / lake maligne spirit island / lake maligne maligne canyon maligne canyon maligne canyon edith cawell arabathca falls arabathca falls wilox trail columbia icefield night sky with moon lake moraine

I know: momentary weather is not the climate but all canadians confirmed, these temperatures are not normal. we looked at melting glaciers while having about 30 degrees celcius (90 degrees fahrenheit). The nature on icefield parkway through the jasper and banff national park is spectaculär and it should stay …

mud bog race / 3

After the old guys have plowed the terrain it´s time fort he kids …