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loliondo forest

The images, which are often used by aid organizations to beg for donations obviously come from here. For me, the picture of the proud maasai worrier seems as realistic as the water in a fatamorgana. To feed the large amount of cattle they simply knock down the trees, so the cows and goats can go for the leaves. The water supply  of a big region relies on that forest and so the FZS tries to convince the people about protecting it. They do this with education, micro loans (help to help yourself) and other protection actions. Bee keeping is one of those aid projects. © n.g.


restaurant in loliondo


frankfurt garage

„frankfurt garage“ under this name the fzs car repair shop is very well known in the  Serengeti. To keep the cars running on the corrugated iron dirt roads, in the dust and mud of the tanzanian nationalpark it needs a permanet effort. Erik and his mechanics obviously do a great job. ©n.g.


serengeti 2015 _2

rob muir / head of the fzs projects in afrca

For more than10 years i´m taking project photos for the frankfurt zoological society  around the world. I’m doing this pro bono to support their important work. I had met so many interesting and kind people, I had seen so  many spectacular landscapes and national parks, spent so many gorgious evenings at campfires in the intact wilderness. A big thank you to Dr. Christof Schenck and his worldwide team for your tireless struggle to protect our environment.

Here are some impressions from the Serengeti, one of the “hotspots on earth”


serengeti 2015 _1

a travel to visit the fzs (frankfurt zoological society) project in the serengeti.


co_work martinez /2

Be curious what emilio will add to the new photos …