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the star magazine

the star magazine

the star magazine / mercedes benz club of america

Andrew atwood had facilitated the contact to „the star magazine“ during my stay at his workshop in phoenix. Have a look at my blog contribution: andrew atwood. So, many thanks to andrew and as well to gary anderson / star magazine who thinks that our trip is exciting and newsworthy.

The july / august issue of 2015 covers the 6 pages article and will be available from the Mercedes-Benz National Business Office 800-637-2360 www.mbca.org

mud bog race in fort nelson / 1

What do Canadians when the permafrost has melted? right – mud bogging. This is the modern version of rodeos, however with significantly more horsepowers. the sound of the engines is equally respected here as the color of exhaust gases. Who wins here is not so important, the jamboree is what counts.

fort nelson heritage museum

Many, many years ago the today 83-years old Marl Brown started to collect old cars and thus he founded the hertitage Museum of Fort Nelson. Today the museum is run by the Fort Nelson Historical Society but marl alias santa claus manages the mowing job, as well as the holding of the most ancient artifacts roadworthy. Legs with trousers and rubberboots dispalyed under a car are called „pete“ and it´s a sign, put up by marl, where he hast to work next.

liard hot spring

Because of the weight, we haven´t installed a bathtube in our truck, and so the Liard Hot Springs was a welcome change to the shower. At the source the water is almost too hot for bathing but the natural pool offers also well feel temperature ranges. fantastic! Now I think again about a bathtube …

sign post forest / watson lake

After the japanese attack on pearl harbor the us military pushed to construct a land bridge to alaska and the 2414-kilometer-long alaska highway was built by canadian and american soldiers in just one year.

1942 carl lindley, a homesick american soldier nailed a sign of his hometown to the army signpost in watson lake and since then people screwed and nailed like cracy.

Until today approximately 80000 signs have been added to the posts and the visitor center provides more poles, so tourists from all over the world have space for their signs.

inland passage

What a panorama! For six hours we drove with the car ferry from Juneau, Alaska’s capital to Haines and then further on to Skagway. the trip cost us about 300 US $ of, and 7.2 million the landscape around it (and much, much more countryside beyond). On 18 October 1867 Russia sold Alaska for this sum to the United States. For this amount later on the Tsar certainly could hve bought some gorgeous Faberge Eggs.


watch a giant icefall at the sawyer glacier in alaska.