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truck service / portland

After our alaska trip the atego was waiting for lubricate. And there were odd metal punches when we had hiden potholes. I searched the internet, found E & A Auto Repair, (they are doing service on european vehicles as well) and the good evaluation convinced me to choose this workshop and what can I say: Nazier Abuzied is a genius! Within seconds he had located the faults, fixed a few screws, cleaned all parts before he greased them again and checked everything. He even knew construction details of the atego which had evolved through the years, – although those vehicles are not available in north america.

Since 10 years Nazier is an american citizen. He was born and raised in the Sudan and in the age of 14 he owned his first car workshop. For some years he serviced the lamborghinis, bentleys and mercedes of the sheikhs before he founded his shop in Portland / Oregon. His perfect english is self taught and so is his technical knowledge . As I said, nazier is a genius!

helvi smith / forest grove


hoh rainforest / olympic national park

I´m really keen on rain forests even i don´t like rain very much. The olympic national park is a temparate rain forest and nonetheless as dense and lush as the tropical rain forests. It hadn´t rained in this area for weeks and so we were lucky because heavy rains occured just before we arrived. the forest and the mosses were soaked with moisture again …

p.s.: all those pictures are in 3d available as well.

la push

A small pacific coastal belt is part of the olympic national park and the small village of “la push” is the center oft he quileute indian reservation. An ideal setting for kitsch postcards.

larry calkins

larry calking works and lives in issaquah, close to seattle / washington.


here some impressions from seattle…


amy denio

Gert Anklam recomended: “When you come to Seattle, say hello to Amy, she is a great musician,” and by the way, Gert is also a great saxophonist. Amy was packed with work but she still saved some time for a chat in her beautiful garden. She is a very (cosmo)political person and has already played in Frankfurt as part of the Blockupy movement. More from and about her here. … and: Thank you Gert, that you allow us using your music for our videos, – very generous. © B.G.