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andamarca / perú

Fiesta in andamarca / perú


condors view point / perú

Many thanks to andré bärtschi for this secret tip! And I’d like to tell it to my blog readers:  -14.34820,  -73.90891 in the „valle sondondo“

In the morning sun over 35 of these impressive birds go round in circles, before they disapeared in the andes and return again in the evening. 

huacachina / perú

carlos 4×4 / lima / perú

A recommendation for the pan america overlanders in perú: If you have problems with your 4×4 or just want to do maintance and you are close to lima, then carlos 4×4 is a recommendation. Here is also the possibility for a temporary parking for your vehicle.

carlos combina, av. nicolas de ayllon 2648, chaclacayo, whatsapp +51 956 684 492

carlos 4×4 and the kings octopus / lima

our car was stored at carlos 4×4 in chaclacayo (near lima) and now it gets the well deserved maintanance with engine and transmission oil change and other things that have to be checked and repaired. to all south america overlanderers: if you have problems with your vehicle, here you will find help !

We were still waiting for our customs clearance declaration, which took quite some time and so we looked for restaurants in the area. Google helped to find the restaurant kausaq cocina peruana and served the translation from spanish into german (and back to englich): “Since the food tastes good, the prices are not very high……”  “It was okay when I left.” “Cause of the kings Octopus to the olive tree and Tacu Tacu.”

Well, we will have dinner there soon…