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quenca / ecuador

some impressions from the x-mas parade in ecuador


galápagos / ecuador _03

… and here comes the last sequence of galápagos images.

the islands seem to be an almost untouched paradise, but here, too, the harmful influences of man can be fuelled. climate change and the introduction of alien animals and plants threaten the uniqueness of this ecosystem, thanks to all people and organisations who try to prevent worse things from happening.

galápagos / ecuador _02

some more impressions from galápagos…

dr. heinke jäger / galápagos / ecuador

dr. heinke jäger

Dr. christof schenck from the frankfurt zoological society gave us the tip to meet dr. heinke jäger on galápagos. thanks christof for this contact, – it was a great, enriching encounter with her!

about heinke:

Heinke Jäger has been working for the Charles Darwin Foundation in Galapagos since 1998, first on the introduced quinine tree (Cinchona pubescens) and then on rare and endangered plant species. After receiving her PhD from Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, she carried out her postdoctoral research on invasive Galapagos species at Brown University, USA. Heinke is now a restoration ecologist at the Charles Darwin Research Station and her research is focused on investigating invasive terrestrial plant and animal species in Galapagos. This includes the distribution, impacts and control of these species, as well as the restoration of invaded ecosystems.

galápagos / ecuador _01

Just a few impressions ….


sea lions / galápagos / ecuador

How do the sea lions get to the landing platform, which is about 12 feet above the water level? Here you can see the answer: