Monthly Archives: July 2017

globetrotter meeting

It was nice, at the fifth globetrotter meeting at the unimog museum / gaggenau / germany. Even a unimog, which we had seen in alaska, was here. Making friends, having interesting conversations, cooking and eating together, that´s what makes such meetings special. In addition, several lectures (a small one held by myself), completed the program.

unimog museum / gaggenau / germany

Michael dennig (atlas 4×4) suggested me as a referent at the upcoming world meeting in the unimog museum gaggenau.

On saturday the 29th of july 2017 at 4pm i will prsent pictures and videos of our trip from canada to mexico …

atlas 4×4

you want to show your unimog the world and still need a living booth or special equipment? ask atlas 4×4 for help.

artist talk

It was my pleasure to present the artwork sof my co_workers during an “artist talk” in the alp galleries, frankfurt, germany. May thanks to: fred tieken, phoenix, usa || emilio martinez parente, méxico city, méxico || emilio martinez, miami, usa || brad moody, houston, usa || bert esenherz, los angeles, usa || matthias bolz, dresden, germany || matt sesow, washington d.c., usa || barbara fisher, ashville, usa || heather wilcoxon , sausalito, usa