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paseo de los monos (monkey trail) / ecuador

White-bellied Spider Monkey - Ateles belzebuth  Poeppig‘s Woolly Monkey - Lagothrix lagothricha poeppigii Marañón White-fronted Capuchin - Cebus yuracus thanks lea for this most interesting tour

Born in captivity – lucky guys!

confiscated monkeys from illegal keeping or also injured animals are handed over by the ecuadorian authorities to the “paseo de los monos” (monkey trail) and nursed there. The sad thing is that the animals are threatened in the wild by poachers and that safe refuges are becoming increasingly rare. More information available here: www.facebook.com/paseodelosmonos / www.losmonos.org

cuyabeno reserve / ecuador

Our truck had to stay outside! We drove 2 hours by bus from lago agrio to the reserve and then 3 hours by motor canoe on the cayabeno river to the nicky amazon lodge. Attached some impressions…

san augustín / colombia

The so called indian culture „san augustín“ disappeared in the 14th century a.d. and left hardly any information for posterity. The oldest testimonies are from the 3rd millennium b.c. and from 1000 a.d. the decline began. In the meantime about 500 stone figures are known and mostly in connection with gravesites. Well, only the dead had survived.

trampolín de la muerte (video)


trampolín de la muerte (death road) / colombia

Around 1930 this road was built and its said to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Well, here I have only few pictures of this scenically very beautiful road, wait for the video to judge…

On the way we met brett, an american from nebraska, who was following a jonny cash song, following all the places mentioned in the song. “i´ve been everywhere, man”


Ibarra / ecuador / back on the road

Ibarra / back on the road / ecuador

After a longer break in germany we are back on the road again. The spare parts were to maintain the truck and then we went back to Colombia, where we didn’t want to miss some things worth seeing …