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ballooning in teotihuacán


convent of san francisco javier convent of san francisco javier convent of san francisco javier

We had driven to this „small“ town because we needed service for our truck and it´s a perfect for place to start a visit to méxico city. The minister here (convent of san francisco javier) is very well known and in contrast to the lodging of the poor population it indulges in golden luxury. Security check like on an airport , maybe they fear that visitors scrape off some gold.

Soon i will post a video about our ballooning and some exciting stories about méxico city, then there will be a short break in germany and I am curious if there are also interesting things to post. 

méxican demolition team

méxican demolition team


pyramid of the sun pyramid of the moon on top of the pyramid of the sun pyramid of quetzalcóatl

Who were the founders of this city about 100 a.d.? We don´t know. Likewise, it remains a mystery why this, once the largest city in mesoamerica, went down in 650 a.d. and later was rediscovered as a ruin city by the aztec which used it again.

Here some speculations which are supported by many indications: after some catastrophic volcanic eruptions many people were driven from their settlement areas and found a new place in the valley of Teotihuacan wich almost provided paradisiacal settlement conditions. As thanks to their gods, they built those huge pyramids and temples. Neither pack animals were known nor the wheel invented, so all stones and wadding had been carried by human muscle power. the dimensions of the temples and pyramids are enormous, so, for example the sun pyramid (the name was given by the aztec) is the third largest pyramid in the world. Formerly it was thought, that the people had lived peacefully together, the numerous murals do suggest this. They practiced intensive trade and exported the valuable obsidian, which is extremly sharp if splitted skillfully. The city probably had around 200,000 inhabitants in its heyday, and new archaeological findings made clear that many animals and in addition many humans were sacrificed to the gods.

More and more humans were sacrificed (maybe because of drouts) and about 650 a.d. the residents got annoyed of the quirks of the priests and put the entire temple complex on fire. Scorch marks were found in all temples, but not in the living quarters.

The research is very complicated because the former residents knew no written language and so we even don´t know how they called themselves.

For further information go to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teotihuacan

co_work: esenherz | guthier

# 001 painting: gert esenherz  | photo: norbert guthier  |  size: 40 x100 inches # 002 painting: gert esenherz  | photo: norbert guthier  |  size: 40 x100 inches # 003 painting: gert esenherz  | photo: norbert guthier  |  size: 40 x100 inches

I´m thrilled to announce the first co_works between bert esenherz / los angeles and me. The co_works have the sizes of 40 x 100 inch (photography and painting). for further information and prizes, please mail to info@guthier.com  thanks.


we had driven this old silver town because our truck needed service. Like all other old silver towns which we had visited queretaro has magnificent building with a special mexican flair. However, we had not expected to meet tutankhamun here as well. This exhibition enjoyed a big popularity, even it was mainly equipped with replicas.

artwalk / san miguel de allende