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andrew atwood / phoenix

Do you remember my blog post about atwood european in phoenix?  for many years andrew has worked to restore his “tailfin” mercedes. Well, this restauration is now finished and the car will be presented in the “mercedes benz star magazine of america” soon. In this journal I had a publication which you can see again here.

Why i don´t show images? I am proud to have photographed andrew’s “tailfin” for that magazine and this photos will be published for the first time in january 2016. Stay tuned!

By he way, we are back in germany and we will continue our trip to mexico in january next year. And there are already some uncoming highlights: For example a co_work exhibition in phoenix!! Who doesn´t want to miss anything just send me a mail and I keep you updated. Thank you !

cave creek / arizona

Once a week the time has come: the bulls have their performance in the small arena of “buffalo chip bar and grill”. The whole community close to phoenix is on the nostalgia trip and does well with it. full pubs, great atmosphere, the music is loud and the quintessentially american bull-riding well attended. Here are some impressions from the backstage area.

antelope canyon

the atelope canyon near Page / Arizona is world famous for its “sun beams”. only guided tours and photo tours are available and they are usually fully booked, so the tip: book in advance (we’ll do that only super reluctant for our travels), you can see the sun beams only from march until october, then the sun is to low, even in arizona. Then the light rays can no longer reach the bottom of the canyon.

The guide knows where to throw dust into the air and immediately the cameras start to rattle. in the meanwhile the tourists without a photo tour have to wait. Well, a real nature experience is different. Sadly we couldn´t visit the lower canyon, it starts to rain emerging rain quickly can transform such slot canyon into a death trap.

lake pleasant

the images look idyllic , right? Well, you just have to cu

t out the raspy car speakers with mexican folkore „musik“ and the constantly whining jet-skis. Oh, and not to forget the young and drunken arabs whose english vocabulary simply consits of “fuck you”. Late in the evening we then changed the location …

… and came back on weekdays and: all was well again.

valley of the gods

if you want to escape the mass tourismn in the monument valles, i recommend visiting, the “valley of the gods. Similarly pitoresk it has the advantage of (almost) being alone and even you are allowed to stay overnight between the rock towers. However, i have to mention: the track is not suitable for ‘normal’ camping vehicles.

monument valley national park

john wayne has been here on the horse, as well as the from lung cancer deceased “marlboro man”. so many old black & white westerns were filmed here that you may wonder: hey, the landscape is even in color. Especially in the evening when the american indians pack their glass beads, which they try to sell to the countless tourists, and the sun approaches the horizon the entire landscape is red. blood red …