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co_works exhibition / los angeles

emilio martinez julian leBallister from left to right: norbert, bettina, juian, samantha, parker julian leBallister bert esenherz bert esenherz, emilio martinez (in the background) gayle + michael roque collins from left to right: norbert guthier, michael roque collins, emilio martinez, boris ciudad real, bert esenherz artworks: boris ciudad real / left; christian maria knecht / right artworks: fred tieken (left) barbara fisher (middle) alvaro sanchez (right) artworks: martinez parente (left) emilio martinez (middle), boris ciudad real (right) artworks: alcis szabo-reiss (left) bert esenherz (right) artworks: michael roque collins (left) alcis szaba-reiss (right)

many thanks to my co_worker, without their contributional work this exhibition wouldn´t had happen:

alcis zabo-reiss, alvaro sanchez, barbara fischer, bert esenherz, boris ciudad real, christ maria servant, emilio martinez, fred tieken, juan martinez parente, michael roque collins.

i was happy to welcome bert, boris, emilio and michael during the opening reception.

special thanks to a julian leBallister for all his perfect work in producing the pictures and last but not least to fred tieken for his invitation to present the co_works project in his gallery in los angeles.

catedral de sal / bogotá

This cathedral was blasted into a salzmine close to bogotá.

panama city

juigalpa / nicaragua

© karlheinz oswald © karlheinz oswald

18 years ago 20 tons of colored glass – designed by the german artist karlheinz oswald – had bee shipped by airfreight from germany to juigalpa. Just in time before the inauguration should take place the windows were installed and the church leaders could be convinced to send a photographer as well – me.

Now I came back to this place. The sexton was wagging his swab through the nave, talking on the phone, and I could barely convince him to open the gate to the gallery. I guess he couldn´t understand why german guys had come to look at church windows. In juigalpa, plastic figures of jesus are probably the true art in the favor of believers, especially when they are presented to the maximum extent of suffering.

antigua / 3

here some impressions from the former capital of guatemala.

tepozotlán / 2

Congrats to all méxican peaple who are celebrating their independence day (Día de la Independencia)- It´s a mexican holiday to celebrate the cry of independence” on september 16, 1810, which started a revolt against the spaniards. It follows from the day of the Cry of Dolores (El Grito de Dolores), on September 15. We widnessed this day in tepozotán where our truck was stored.

getting ready / exhibition alp galleries

After the exhibitions in phoenix, houston, miami, the american co_works have now arrived in germany. I am looking forward to the exhibition at alp galleries in frankfurt on june 8th.