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opening co_works show at tieken gallery / phoenix

First of all i want to say a big „thank you“ to gail and fred tieken to make this show happen and for that incredible opening event.

This was a fantastic private gallery opening last night at Tieken Gallery in Paradise Valley. Beautiful space! Excellent food spread, fantastic art and artists, lots of fun, lively, dynamic people from all over the world. Co_Works combines photographs by Norbert Guthier with paintings from today’s most prolific artists to create dynamic, large scale works of art.   © denise elfenbein

The show was amazing! One fort he best i have ever seen! Makes me want to paint on a photo. Peasce, harmony and art   © kimberly jones


Fantastic opening! Really beautiful work in such a lovely space. Great night! © denise yaghmourian

It was really nice meeting you both, I want to wish luck with the show. The work is amazing!!! © howard brink

Sybille Nütt‪ Dear Norbert and Bettina, was just visiting your blog https://blog.guthier.com/?p=2273 . We would have liked to be with you. What a fantastic showroom! We wish that interesting and unique works many attentive viewers and of course … buyers. We look forward to the next exhibition of new American co-works in my gallery in Germany / Dresden! Let skype us soon. A good, inspiring and successful time for you both, Sybille Nuett Galerie Sybille Nütt

Amazing photography & artwork! What a great concept to combine the two. Fred & Gail Tieken are wonderful hosts with a beautiful venue. It was a pleasure to meet you Norbert! © judy mcCord

salton sea

Once the breeze from the salton sea wafted over to us, it smelled a bit strange. And since we are on expedition tour we were investigating and discovered this:

upcoming exhibition

The party starts on february 27th. ☺  … All preparations have been completed.

Thanks to gail and fred tieken for the exhibition in your gorgeous location and your auxilary support.

And thanks to all my co_workers: matthias bolz / dresden, brad moody / houston, heather wilcoxon / sausalito, matt sesow / washington d.c., emilio martinez / miami, barbara fisher / ashville, fred tieken / phoenix

san diego zoo

I don´t like animals in cages but the zoo in san diego is worth a visit.

salvation mountain

Not “salvation hill” but “salvation mountain” leonard knight (*1931 – † 2014) had modesty named his work. In the dry, hot climate of california he got hidden by a stroke of enlightenment. “bible”, “jesus loves you”, “god! is to be read with giant letters. He had plastered tons of clay mixed with straw on the hill and painted everything clorful. Two waterfalls with flowers and as mentioned in giant letters”god is love” and “say jesus i’m a sinner, please come upon my body and into my heart”. Well, the hill of the outsider artist kneight made it. It became a national cultural monument of the usa in 2002.

dedicated to my friend burkhard koch

t.w. rassmeussen

i can understand that phil had choosen a pseudonym for the internet, otherwise his porch would be croweded every evening because of his excellent dinner he had served us. phil is member of the OneDayOnePhoto group which was initiated by our friend frank lange from essen / germany a few years ago. This evening we were talking about our travel experiences and all the enriching encounters we had and phil mentioned that this are our “travel pearls”. he has a great humor and bettina was delighted by his saying “it’s always great, until it’s not”

thanks to julie and phil for a great evening. And thanks as well for all the great but unmentioned encounters we had with our american friends.

los angeles

attached some impressions from los angeles