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impressions 1 / argentina

sea lions and skyline of mar del plata argentinosaurus huinculensis / the tallest dinosaur found until yet villarica (2860m) lake traful campsite / lake traful family celebration of the 96th anniversary family celebration of the 96th anniversary night sky at lake traful

Here are some impressions from our trip…

dino project / argentina

dino project camp and museum

Since 2003, geologist and paleontologist dr. jorge calvo has been digging and researching at this location. Several of his finds as well as some replicas of dinosaurs are exhibited in his mostly privately financed museum. To all overlanders: the lake nearby is a perfect place to stay overnight.

valle de la luna rojo / argentina

from left to right on the ecliptic: Venus, saturn, jupiter and moon lookin in the direction of the southern cross

we left the atlantic coast and drove towards the andes to the city of neuquen. Nearby is the valle de la luna rojo, (red moon valley) a great place to watch the sunset and rise. And of course the stars at night…

playa escondida / argentina

moon (just above the horizon) venus, saturn, jupiter in a row on the ecliptic 15 minutes exposure time (looking south)

Why are there no people on the beach? one reason is that even at the beginning of december the bathing season has not yet started, and the other is that it is nudist beach. One of only two in argentina and it’s a no go to take photos of people in this area.

At playa escondida there is not so much artificial light and so the night sky is getting dark enough to take photos.