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popoyo / nicaragua

just a few pictures from popoyo beach / nicaragua

juigalpa / nicaragua

© karlheinz oswald © karlheinz oswald

18 years ago 20 tons of colored glass – designed by the german artist karlheinz oswald – had bee shipped by airfreight from germany to juigalpa. Just in time before the inauguration should take place the windows were installed and the church leaders could be convinced to send a photographer as well – me.

Now I came back to this place. The sexton was wagging his swab through the nave, talking on the phone, and I could barely convince him to open the gate to the gallery. I guess he couldn´t understand why german guys had come to look at church windows. In juigalpa, plastic figures of jesus are probably the true art in the favor of believers, especially when they are presented to the maximum extent of suffering.

vulcano masaya / nicaragua

Backwards to the crater rim.

The park management of the masaya crater has come up with something special for photographers. There is a daytour that ends at 4pm and there is a nighttour that starts at 6pm. Now, at the beginning of december, the sunset is before 6 o’clock and until the barrier to the driveway is finally opened, the last bit of interesting twilight is gone and it is pitch-dark. Crap!

A crowd of about 20 cars are allowed to drive up to the crater, then the barrier closes again. Once at the top, you have to back up, – to the crater rim. Unbelievable, you walk less than 30 feet until you can look into masaya`s abyss. Well, the car points in the direction of escape …