oktoberfest at xico inn ball game area / xico inn repairman at night

because of the height of our rig (12,5 feet ) we hadn´t fit through the arch of the hotel “hazienda xico inn” (operated by a german-mexican couple) but it was great on the parking lot in front and if you arrive by end oktober, you can celebrate the octoberfest. Michael has supported us with many things, and even has organized a mechanic, who searched for a fault in our cooling system late evening . We left the place with the fridge filled up with „bratwurst“ done by a special butcher in puebla.

The small town of xico looks as if it had participated in the competition “our village should become more beautiful”. (ist a popular competition in germany) Everywhere cobblestones, tiny little shops, nice and relaxed people. The Mexicans seem shy and reserved, but every greeting is answered with a broad smile and “¿holá, que tal?”.

The hacienda “san bartolo” in xico has a nice campground also, but the driveway for larger vehicles is not so easy. There is a great view – free of charge – towards the snow covered “pico de orizaba” 18400 feet (the highest mountain in mexico, but still about 50 miles away).

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