The synonym of a whole generation for peace, drugs, flower power, hippies and love for free. Thereby the legendary concert hand´t taken place in woodstock, it happened on the muddy meadow of mr. max yasgur`s farm in bethel about 70 km away. We did not go to woostock for nostalgic reasons, but because we wanted to visit our friends sally and  michael. Both are photographers and i have known michael for years, since he bought my nude photography tablebooks and he asked me to authograph them once we had been to new york city some years ago.

Woodstock is a small, lovable town in the catskill mountains with only 3500 inhabitants. The peace sign is displayed still everywhere, but now on coffee mugs, t-shirts or neon signs. Peace the merchandising.

Sally and michael welcomed us like long lost friends, although we had met the two only once. Michael even offered his studio space including lightning equipment for disposal, invited us to dinner and showed us his lovable and beautifully designed farm. Great to experience such a hospitality, a great thank you to both of them. and here is michael´s website: http://www.photosensualis.com

Because of our truck we were approached by german-born thomas and he invited us not only to the  family dinner in his house, but instead offered us his entire estate during his absence for disposal. So much trust and hospitality !! Wow, the spirit of woodstock lives on. At least here in the catskill mountains. © n.g.

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