woodchuck and woodchips

Gail introduced us to her hometown and so we passed chuck´s house? dreamhouse? bark? dreambark? From the distance we saw a bark too close to the beach, or was it on the beach? And it turned out to be a house which was converted to a bark.

Chuck suddenly ended up in jail with his first career as a bank robber, there he learned how to open safes and maybe how to carve timber as well. Today he works with timber only and all his objects are made out of one piece of wood. Or is he a one man actor in his own museum? You have to experience his guided tour! It is as powerful and vivid as if he would be on stage. On the stage of his life. The presentation of the „cupboard of his life“ is as unique as the one of the globe with w.bush or that one performing elvis behind his coffin with a wooden carved chuck on top of it.

Humans could have enough from everything but except from money, he explained. Once a rich couple offered him 50000$ to support him  but he rejected the money because he was afraid, it would change his life and woodchuck wouldn´t make woodchips any moore . What a career for an ex bankrobber! © n.g.

Charles E. Bernard c/o woodCHUCK 1554 Route 465 Bouctouche Baie NB E4S 4R2

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