vulcano masaya / nicaragua

Backwards to the crater rim.

The park management of the masaya crater has come up with something special for photographers. There is a daytour that ends at 4pm and there is a nighttour that starts at 6pm. Now, at the beginning of december, the sunset is before 6 o’clock and until the barrier to the driveway is finally opened, the last bit of interesting twilight is gone and it is pitch-dark. Crap!

A crowd of about 20 cars are allowed to drive up to the crater, then the barrier closes again. Once at the top, you have to back up, – to the crater rim. Unbelievable, you walk less than 30 feet until you can look into masaya`s abyss. Well, the car points in the direction of escape …

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  1. Lovely pics Norbert, see you soon (y)

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