Today it´s sunday so i take it easy and let wikipedia explain the phaenomenon of the tides in the bay of fundy. They do it better anyhow…

„In those tibutaries the water rises extremly and the tides can rise as musch as 16meters under normal conditions and it could reach 21 meters during king tides. That´s the highest tide difference in the word. This tidal amplitude occurs from a distinctive resonance phenomenon. The total lengh of the bay is roughly the distance  a waterwave travels during a „halftide“ (ca. 6 hours) with each incoming tide from the atlantic ocean the tidal wave wich goes in and out oft he bay gets synchron amplified. A sililar effect can be generated in a filled bath tube if a back an forth swashing wave gets escalated in strict time.“

100 billion tons of water pour in and off  the bay twice each day, that´s more water than all the freshwater rivers combined on earth. Amazing! © n.g.

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