suzi and alan

Mt. tremper. Never heard of this place? Not surprisingly, it is only mentioned on the detail cards of the woodstock area. We went there only for nostalgic reasons, because there is the family home of our longtime boyfriend alan carle, he lived in the region back in those times when the legendary woodstock concert took place and where he got to know and fell in love with suzi . during various visits to australia and to their “botanical ark” they shared so much youth memories with us, that we necessarily wanted to go there to visit their roots.

As a child Alan was asked what he wanted to be one day and he answered: “an aussie”. 45 years ago he left the catskill mountains, studied biology in australia, then sent his puppy love suzi, he first met in the nearby orphanage for norwegian children in mt. tremper, an airline ticket. suzi came, stayed and became also an australian. I know the two since 1997 and who ever wants to make holidays at a very special place in australia, they should go the „tranquilla retreat“ on the botanical ark. To inform yourself visit the website www.botanicalark.com – such a privately funded project is hardly to be found a second time in the world. By the way – many of our friends know about it – in 2001 I had published – together with alan – the book “the botanical ark” in which their life’s work is presented. There are still some copies available, order them via alan´s or my website. © n.g.


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