susannah martin / usa – germany

susannah martin © susannah martin © susannah martin © susannah martin © susannah martin susannah martin

Susannah was born into a new york artistic family and studied in this metropolis before coming to frankfurt. Here she developed a very own but still classical style of painting and celebrates great success in numerous exhibitions. The context of man and nature is reinterpreted and here is her statement on the approach:

“While working on my first pictures of nude figures in the landscape, I very quickly realised how strange the present man seems outdoors in the nature. He just didn’t seem to fit in anymore, and so this aspect slowly became my theme: Nature as theun-home (anti-home) of man. Then came the day when I incorporated the first plastic toy into a painting. Suddenly, I felt, man no longer seemed alienated. And it wasn’t just me, viewers also felt a stronger connection with the images.” Man’s relationship with nature is not yet completely lost; brightly coloured balloons, plastic guns and sticky-sweet candy snakes can still save it.

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