3 d pictures / read instructions!

Everybody who has two healthy eyes sees stereo, so this is nothing unusual. on our computersceens we see images in two dimensions – this is normal too. Now here is a possibility to see a three-dimensional image without tools. the stereo image consists of two almost identical individual images which were slightly offset -mostly taken with the natural distance of the eyes. at the present stereo pictures the image for the right eye is arranged on the left side and the picture for the left eye is positioned at the right side. and now you have to squint!

How it goes: Open the stereo image. The size should not exceed 16 cm (6,5 inch)  (for both images together). the monitor should display a black background as much as possible (pull the site over the scene), the viewing distance is about 25-40cm (10 to 15 inch) (tip of the nose to the screen). Now look with the right eye to the left picture and with the left eye to the right image. then something strange happens: you see three pictures! the left and the right image are mono, the virtual three-dimensional one is in the center. Caution: do not try too long, it needs some workout but please do not overdo it! for „still standing” eyes and headache no liability. : -)

otherwise a lot of fun and give me a feedback if it works or not. so please post a comment. Thank´s.

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