solar systems

At an off-road fair, a new, flexible and lightweight solar system was offered as the non plus ultra. Simply glue on top of the roof and the energy problems are solved. Half a year later, under theMoroccan sun, bubbles formed under the surface and my problems began. It was still under warranty and I was told all the initial technical problems were solved, so we installed the second system. Great. But these panels sparked off under the weakCanadian sun. Due to a lack of time the third panels of another manufacturer were put on top of the faulty system, but this time with an air gap underneath. The Mexican sun also had a solution for this construction, the uv radiation made the plastic brittle and the energy output fell drastically. Wow, solar systems which do not tolerate the sun.

At the overlander oasis / Oaxaca I found great help. I mounted the fourth installation (in four years) on top of the roof, this time I used the solid design with glass, aluminum frame and more weight, which I actually didn´t want to have on the roof.

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