sky trial

„Vegetarian“ is just an old indian word for „Bad Hunter“

In cape breton national park the mooses are even save from those vegetarians. For that reason they still rest in the gras when tourists are going to shoot „selfies“ with them. We where lucky because otherwise we might not have discovered them in that position in the woods. Eventually not only the mooses were yawning due to boredom and after all humens had moved away we alone witnessed the moment when they got up to their full size. By the way: even a moose uses the manmade trails instead of stalking through the scrubs- that´s convenience for wildlife.

Der boardwalk on the ridge of the skyline trail was said to be „breathtaking“, but we think especially when you have enough overweight. The view was fabulous but the broad walk seemed to be bit overdone. © b.g.

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