sea lions & whale sharks

La paz is the metropolis in the south of baja calaifornia. The ferries to the mainland mexico are starting here and there are possibilities to visit sea lion colonies and even you can dive with whale sharks. We had choosen a privat boats tour, so we could say how long we will stay at the locations and our capitain daniel nunez velderrain did a great job (+52 612 1350684)

The sea lions are very territorial and would attack any intruders on “their” island, but in the water they are curious and playful.

It was the end of their visit on the mexican coast and most of the giant whale sharks are already on their way to australia or india. Sensationally our captain was able to locate two animals. Despite having fins on the feet and kicking them with all force the animals slide with casual movements and past me easily. wow !!

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  1. What a superb video. The whale shark showing up is a once-in-a-lifetime event. I am thrilled for you.

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