scott g. brooks / washington

My work starts with a desire, and ability, to paint. It comes from an attempt to be part of history, and achieve immortality. It comes from stubbornness and refusing to give up. My work must be personal and private to succeed, so it’s about exposing myself. There are risks and resistance on my part.

Technically, the challenge is to create light, volume, and texture.  Art is a reflection of our time and today, in the midst of the digital revolution, our perception is changing as well. The development of CGI, and it’s ability to synthesise “life” has  forced me to look deeper into how I use paint to represent “life” .

Much of my painting process involves exploring and experimenting. Finding the right color, searching for the correct perspective or vanishing point. The right pattern or gesture of the hand.  I also have a background in illustration,  but I am only now embracing my experience and the technical skills I have learned and incorporating them into my art.

Using a language that is easily understood,  I tell stories. I weave figures, symbols, and  elements  together to create a narrative to share with an audience. © scott g. brooks


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