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savannah / scad museum savannah / scad museum /  entrence area exhibition / jane alexander “frontier with church exhibition / zineb sedira guiding light exhibition / yinya shonbare mbe how to blo up two heads at once exhibition / zoulikha bouabdellah silence / prayer mats and shoes exhibition | moataz nasr dome exhibition / aida muluneh 99 series exhibition / aida muluneh 99 series savannah / oak and palm trees marilyn / savannah

“The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Purgatory and Hell” revisted by Contemporary African Artists. We had very well perceived the exhibition poster from The Museum of Modern Art MMK in Frankfurt. It was still hanging there as we started our travel to Canada on the 20th of july 2014. In the weeks and months before our departure however, there was no time even thinking about cultural events. We had to prepair our vehicle and terminate all our personal and business stuff in Frankfurt.

Arrived in November in Savannah, we visited the SCAD Museum of Art – attracted by the great architecture of the building, consisting of an old train depot from 1853 combined with concrete and glass to a modern museum architecture in 2011. And we couldn’t believe it as the same exhibition poster welcomed us, which we had perceived in Frankfurt! Until the 25th of January to be seen in Savannah. Highly recommended! As indeed the whole city including some french restaurants like „Papillote“ at 218 W Broughton Street.

A tip for our RV colleagues: Two nights at the visitor center´s very central parking lot could be purchased for just $ 12. And don’t be confused by the signs that indicate the place must be cleared by 6 pm. © B.G. 

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