québec countryside 1

Québec countryside , äääh pardon „campagne“

Even the travel guide had mentioned that québec is different. I knew about the independence efforts of the poeple of québec but it was new to me, that the identity card for all canadian national parcs was rejected with the comment this would be valid for canadian national parcs only. a smile costs extra in the restaurants and on the counters of the supermarkets and it never happend to me, that we were chased away by a furious housewife from a wide side road during a heavy shower in the middle of the night. Evey small village has a huge stony church (in all other parts oft he country they are modestly in timber) and the parking place in front of it is closed of course (for members only?) © n.g.

I don´t translate this text into french because the people of québec who might be concerned don´t speak a work of english.

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