el tajin

pyramides of the niches pyramides of the niches getting energy from the pyramid ??? !!!! game over!! one player get´s sacrificed

Close by papantla lies the probable capital of the totonakes. Ah, that was completely unknown to us. We were very impressed when we entered the ruin site early in the morning. There were numerous pyramids standing close to each other, some had been cleared and others still hidden in the jungle. Wow, what an impression. In 2nd century b.c. the totonakes began to construct the site and in the year 1000 a.c. they left the city and the reason remains unknown.

Apart from the numerous pyramids, there are lots of ball game places and at of these game areas you can find a relief, showing the sacrifice of one of the players. Game over. Although it is not even known whether the victor or the loser got killed, but it is proofed that ritual sacrifice was considered a great honor.

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