paso de cortés


After cortés had done a massacre in cholula, he crossed over this 3700m high pass to advance to tenochititlán (today méxico city).

To be grounded up there is not funny, what we could experience by ourselves. In the evening we pulled a pick-up truck out of the road trench (they already had build up their bivouac) and in the next morning our car didn´t start. In the elevation of 12000 feet the motor probably hadn´t enough oxigen and it was night, until help came. A helpful mexican guy had brought a mechanic from méxico city and the starterspray breathed new life into the benz.

2 comments on “paso de cortés
  1. marc says:

    Glad everything turned out well for you guys !! :^)
    Keep up Benz through the south
    so long
    Marc y France

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