pantanal / jaguar camp / brazil

130 bridges to puerto jofre ailton lara / second guy from left norbert, ailton, bettina (from left to right)

The largest wetland area of the earth is known for its jaugarpolulation and in the northern part of the area it is guaranteed that you will see these impressive animals, at least as long as you can cross all the bridges safely.

We headed for the jaguar camp in puerto jofre and ailton lara, who opened his camp in 2014, offered great service. The brazilian guy, who grew up on a farm, is enthusiastic about the big cats and is very committed to their protection. He wants to convince surrounding farmers to integrate buffalo into their livestock instead of shooting down jaguars, because buffalo drive out all attackers. And he plans to buy land to preserve the habitat. A convinced conservationist who can give his guests a lot of information about the fragile ecosystem.




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